At Fraser Church we’re a welcoming family of faith that wants to live for Jesus. He is the Son of God who died for us and rose again. He lives today, blessing his people as he reigns in Heaven. Through faith in Jesus Christ we have the hope that we will live in the joy of God’s presence forever. This is the good news we celebrate and share with the world.

As Presbyterians we have a well-developed theology and more than just a short list of beliefs. Like all Christians we believe in the truth and authority of the Bible, but different churches may claim this and believe different things. This is why we have additional standards of faith, subordinate to the Bible, to present what we believe in greater detail. These standards of The Presbyterian Church in Canada are the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Declaration of Faith Concerning Church and Nation and Living Faith. As a part of the broader Reformed tradition we recognize the Second Helvetic ConfessionBelgic Confession, Gallican Confession, and Heidelburg Catechism as parallel secondary standards. Recognizing Jesus Christ as the Church’s only King and Head, we see all who belong to Christ as being joined with us in one holy universal Church.

While our beliefs are fairly substantial and serve as standards for our leaders, new members are only required to profess faith in Jesus Christ, in agreement with the Apostles’ Creed.